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I have some lessons and one play (Pride and Prejudice) available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Click here to access those lessons.


I have been writing for a number of years on Hubpages.  Click here to see the articles I have published on that site.  (I will be sharing links to relevant articles that I have published on Hubpages here in my blog as well over time.)


Do you want to write your own articles but you don’t have a website?  Sign up to write on Hubpages.  It is a site that allows you to publish one or many articles on a multitude of topics.  Click here to sign up to write on Hubpages.  If you sign up through my link, I will earn a commission from Hubpages.



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Chalk Couture

Do you like to decorate the boards and windows in your classroom as the season’s change?  Check out Chalk Couture.  I will be posting videos in the future to show how Chalk Couture can help you decorate your classroom with seasonal and even motivational artwork.  I am a designer with this company and am compensated if you buy products from my site.