Being Present in the Classroom

Have you ever looked out at your class and realized that a large percentage of your class isn’t engaged?  The reality is that sometimes what we have to do in our curriculum isn’t always interesting to our students today.  No matter our bells and whistles, our acrobatics, our attempts to make it fun, students won’t be engaged unless they are present.  This is a lesson for us all.  We must be present and truthful in everything we do in life.  We must acknowledge the fact there are things beyond our control that don’t allow us, or our students, to always be present, but it is an idea, a skill, that we should discuss in our classrooms.  Below is a video clip of Patsy Rodenburg discussing her “why.”  Although this is about theater, it is relevant to us all, teachers and students alike.  I have shown this video clip and discussed the idea of being present in drama classes, English classes, and with my drama club.  The ending is powerful and will leave your students thinking.